Ceramic Veneers

If you suffer from problems that affect the appearance of your teeth, ceramic veneers may be your calling. Chipped edges, discolourations, crooked or gaps between your teeth are commonly addressed conditions with veneers. And sometimes, veneers may also be an option instead of braces.

These ceramic veneers are precisely thin and made to fit intimately to your existing teeth. As they are thin, very little of your tooth has to be prepared and is a conservative approach for a glistening difference. The ceramic material we use is of ideal aesthetics and is handcrafted by Dr Max’s ceramist. Its shape, colour, translucency, and gloss are all adjustable to your style and desire. Dr Max will place great detail to ensure your veneers will cohere with your facial features and personality. Since ceramics are stain resistant and durable, they can be made to rejuvenate your smile for countless years. Call us to learn more about how Dr Max can use ceramic veneers to design your smile to your satisfaction.

Ceramic Veneers FAQs

As ceramic veneers are usually done for cosmetic purposes, we understand how important it is to address all your concerns to your liking. Our philosophy for cosmetic work is to begin with the end in mind.

At your first appointment, we will take photographs and take the time to discuss anything and everything you would like to have addressed to your smile. An impression of your teeth is taken to have a diagnostic wax up made by our ceramist.

A diagnostic wax up will show you what the end result of our work can look like before we even touch your teeth. This will give us freedom and flexibility to make any further amendments to what you would like on your smile. The wax up is a communication tool utilised between Dr Max, our ceramist and yourself.

Using the wax up, we can transfer temporary veneers onto your teeth until the final veneers are ready to be inserted.

The veneers are not finalised until you, our ceramist and Dr Max are all happy. The fitting of the veneers are also checked to be perfect and then are bonded onto your teeth.