At Grand Dental – we provide orthodontics in two categories – early interceptive orthodontics/orthopaedics for children and fixed braces for teenagers and adults. We practice the philosophy of extracting teeth for the face and not for the space. This means extraction is not routinely performed during orthodontic treatment and only when it will benefit the facial profile.

We are not only focused on straightening your teeth. Our objective is to help you achieve a harmonious balance of overall health by establishing the ideal positions of your teeth and jaws. During your orthodontic consultation, Dr Max will screen for abnormal breathing behaviour, constricted airways and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). In particular, presence of enlarged adenoids or tonsils and mouth breathing are closely examined. With this in mind, we will formulate an individualised treatment plan so all your needs are met adequately.

To give you or your child the best opportunity for a healthy and beautiful smile please call us on (02) 4742 1004 to schedule your consultation with Dr Max.
Dr Max has completed further studies with Dr Derek Mahony as part of a 2-year Mini-Residency program in Orthodontics and Orthopaedics (EODO). He is however not a specialist orthodontist. If you would like a second opinion, we are more than happy to arrange a specialist consultation for you.