Grand Dental Service in Blue Mountains

Grand Dental is one of the most well-established and reliable dental service clinics in Australia. We accept patients from all around the country and aim to provide a comfortable and quality dental experience.

Getting to our Clinic from Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is a scenic region in the west of Australia that boasts of different nature activities from botanic gardens, trails, and even caves. However, if you are looking for the best dental service near the area, Grand Dental is located just 17 minutes away from Blue Mountain. You can also take a train in Katoomba Station to the town of Lawson for 19 minutes.

Professional Services We Offer

Below are some of our highly-recommended services that left many patients smiling from ear to ear.

Implant Dentistry

If you want to fill in a missing tooth, our clinic offers dental implants to provide replacements that will still allow you to eat comfortably.

Ceramic Restorations

To preserve damaged and fractured teeth, our professionals offer ceramic restorations to keep your teeth from any further damage. Our clinic also offers a wide set of services that include routinary dental check-ups, tooth colouring, and children’s dentistry. Book an appointment now by clicking this link to have those pearly whites shine brighter.