Our Clinic

The Grand Dental clinic is purpose-built to create a warm atmosphere that feels more akin to a day spa than dental practice.

The clinic was designed by an interior architect with a focus on natural elements like warm wood grains and soft greens to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Relaxing music gently echoes through the halls and natural aromatic scents create a comfortable ambience, offering the perfect for setting children at ease or calming the nerves of anyone suffering a touch of dental anxiety.

State-of-the-art equipment is utilised to complement the patient experience, while contemporary sterilisation protocols and technology are consistently employed to ensure a hygienic environment.

As part of our further commitment to offering a dental service centred on our patients, we allow you to book an appointment directly on our website at a time that suits you, rather than be forced into a timeslot that does not fit your schedule. Or you can call in and our friendly team will be able to accommodate a time that best suits you.

Comfort, convenience and a very different approach to dentistry - it’s all part of our consistent belief that visiting the dentist should be a Grand experience.