Teeth Cap Fillings – Onlays & Inlays

Ceramic Restorations – Onlays and Inlays are fillings custom made outside the mouth for better shape, fit and strength using ceramics. They are considered first class when it comes to fillings. These ceramic restorations restore and preserve teeth that are damaged or compromised by large fillings or cavities so they do not fracture or break down further.

Fillings – Tooth Coloured

Gone are the days of metallic fillings which contain high contents of mercury. Grand Dental uses a composite material with varying shades to match the colour of your teeth. Composite is metal free and will not corrode or weaken your teeth. They are made chair-side – bonded and shaped to follow the natural anatomy of your teeth. If you request to have old amalgam restorations replaced with composite restorations, sanitary removal will protect you from potential mercury release from the metallic fillings.