Grand Dental Services in Wentworth Falls

Whether you want a short-term fix or long-term dental care, Grand Dental Clinic is equipped to give the best dental service you could ever get. With our state-of-the-art facility and competent dentists, your teeth are in perfect care.

How to Get to Grand Dental from Wentworth Falls

Getting to our clinic is easy if you are from Wentworth Falls. You could take a 6-minute drive to the Great Western Highway, or you could take a train from Wentworth Falls Station to Lawson Station.

Get that Beaming Smile with Our Services

Check out these excellent services that have made Grand Dental a reputable dental clinic.

Braces and Orthodontics

Our trained professionals can install braces for kids to adults. We provide orthodontic services that are affordable and will give you the dream teeth alignment you want.

Child Dentistry

To teach your kids about the importance of dental care at an early age, make sure that they get the best dental treatment available. Call our office to know more about availing the Child Dental Benefit Schedule.

Providing you with the most affordable and quality dental care has always been our goal. Contact our office at (02) 4742 1004 book an appointment by clicking here. Let Grand Dental help you build that dashing smile, one tooth at a time.