If the thought of going to the dentist causes your heart to race or your palms to become clammy, you are far from alone.

Research indicates around one in five Australians fear going to the dentist to some degree, and as a result may even delay seeking treatment.

The trouble with this scenario is, the longer you delay a visit or check-up, the more likely it is that extensive treatment will be required.

At Grand Dental we appreciate that some people have a very real fear of the dentist and here’s how we can help alleviate some of those concerns…

It starts with a positive experience

In adults, dental phobia usually started with a less than pleasurable experience in the past, but even people who have had no previous dental problems can find they develop anxiety at the thought of dental procedures.

At Grand Dental, we believe addressing any fear involves working with you, identifying your concerns, hearing what you have to say, and discussing future treatment with you.

We like to do this in a calm, unhurried way, providing you with all the treatment options available.

Only when you are comfortable and relaxed will we proceed with treatment, and our primary focus is to give you a positive experience in the knowledge this will help alleviate any fears now and in the future.

Meanwhile, when it comes to children, a positive initial experience with the dentist is critical to establishing good dental habits for life.

Again, that’s where our expertise in creating a relaxed environment and providing gentle dental treatment really comes into play.


We know that for some people it’s the unfamiliar clinical environment of a dental practice that contributes to their fears, but a dental practice doesn’t have to feel sterile or overwhelming.

At Grand Dental we have purpose-designed our practice to offer a warm, welcoming environment that’s more like a day spa than a traditional dentist’s practice.

Natural tones abound, while relaxing music plays and we even use aromas to help put you at ease. Meanwhile our staff are personable, friendly and work with you to allay any fears.


We believe a relationship with a dentist should last years, and be built on core foundations like trust, honesty, and good communication.

That’s why we view dental health as a partnership between the practitioner and the patient, providing a range of dental services for optimum, long-term dental health.

Regular check-ups

The key to great dental health and less invasive treatment is regular check-ups. Patients are advised to see their dentist at least once a year, and in special instances more often.

If you haven’t seen the dentist in a while due to anxiety, there’s no time like the present. Often our patients note that the experience was more pleasant than they anticipated due to our relaxed, gentle approach.

About Grand Dental

Servicing the Blue Mountains region, Grand Dental is conveniently located in Lawson.

Our practice is committed to first class dentistry in an unhurried environment. Our mission is to make a positive difference in your life through personalised dentistry of the highest quality.

With services ranging from general and children’s dentistry to orthodontics, implants and cosmetic dentistry, we provide a full suite of dental services that cater to the entire family.

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