The statistics speak for themselves, when it comes to visiting the dentist, too often it’s too little too late for the average Australian.

The reality is a dentist is a health professional you should see on an annual basis as a lifetime commitment to your dental health.

It’s also a relationship where the dental practitioner and patient should be equal partners in identifying, preventing, and quickly rectifying any dental issues in a trusting, relaxed and friendly environment.

So how do you find the right dentist for you? Here are our top tips for finding the right dentist to work with you for better dental health.

A lifetime relationship

A relationship with a good dentist is one that spans years. This is the person who knows your history, your habits and works with you to ensure better dental wellbeing over a lifetime.
Above all, you should feel comfortable with this person, knowing they will offer honest advice, put your experience at the centre of every appointment and offer you all available options when it comes to treatment.

Their warm, friendly nature will also be backed by extensive expertise, so look to their credentials in the industry, their results, and the experience of other patients who have utilised their services.

A range of services

Dentistry extends far beyond just an annual clean and check-up, so what sort of services does your intended dentist provide?

Depending on your stage of life, cosmetic dentistry may be a priority, orthodontics might be something you need to consider, or remedial treatment like root canals might be something you require.

It’s always more convenient and comforting to have a dentist who can cater to any situation that pops up or has the right contacts in the industry should a specialist be required.


As a dentist is a professional you will need to visit regularly, their practice should be convenient for you to access.

Dental emergencies can and do pop up, so their clinic should be located within your immediate locality, and parking and amenity will likely be considerations you need to factor in.

Meanwhile, consider whether this dentist will cater to your schedule. Will they aim to accommodate you when it comes to suitable appointment times? And how can you contact them? Are they available by phone or do they also take online bookings?

Warm, welcoming environment

Although a dentist’s expertise and are major factors to consider in the quest for the right dentist, the comfort of their practice environment is equally important.

How do you feel when you visit your dentist’s clinic? Are you welcomed warmly? Do you feel at ease? Is the equipment up to scratch and is the environment professional yet relaxing?

The Grand difference

At Grand Dental, we have considered all the above in establishing our practice at Lawson in the Blue Mountains.

Not only does Dr Max Kim feature extensive experience and offer a range of services, the Grand Dental team prides itself on making a positive difference in your life through personalised dentistry of the highest quality.

Our practice is designed to be warm and welcoming, feeling more akin to a day spa than a traditional dental clinic, and we believe dental health is about so much more than a great smile.

With services ranging from general and children’s dentistry to orthodontics, implants and cosmetic dentistry, our practice is committed to first class dentistry in an unhurried environment.

You can learn more about our team and practice here, or contact us now to experience the Grand difference.