Whether it’s pain that comes and goes when you eat, a constant dull ache or a sharp stab of discomfort, tooth pain is an indicator something is awry in terms of your dental health.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, it’s an issue that should be dealt with sooner rather than later in the interests of your general wellbeing and dental health.

Here’s a guide to tooth pain and what it might be telling you.

Pain when eating

If you experience tooth pain when eating, it can indicate a number of things. If it’s a regular occurrence and tends to happen when you consume either hot or cold items, it could mean you have sensitive teeth, but it could also be a sign of decay.

Either way you should consult your dentist, sensitive teeth are typically a sign of worn tooth enamel, while decay will need to be addressed and removed to ensure it does not get worse.

Constant dull aches

With so many nerve endings involved, the mouth can pose a challenge when it comes to working out why you may be experiencing a dull tooth ache, but it could be sign of a series of things.

In some cases, people report aches that are later determined to be linked to blocked sinuses, in other instances an ache might be due to teeth grinding or gingivitis (gum disease).

Again, it could also be a sign a tooth has decay, because when the level of decay reaches the nerve endings within a tooth, dull pain tends to be an indicator.

Your dentist is the best person to determine why you are experiencing tooth pain, using diagnostic equipment and imaging to work out exactly what is going on.

A sharp, shooting pain

Sharp pains are a sign you should see your dentist quickly. Often this type of pain results from an inflammation inside the pulp of the tooth, usually caused by decay.

This needs to be treated as soon as possible to stop the discomfort and also prevent further damage that might require more extensive treatment later.

Avoiding tooth pain

The best way to avoid tooth pain is to schedule regular check-ups with your dentist. This helps identify potential issues before they progress to more extensive problems that cause the body to react in pain.

It’s recommended everyone sees a dentist at least once a year, with some patients recurring more regular check-ups.

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