With so many tooth whitening products available and so many gleaming white smiles beaming back at us from social media, it can be tempting to think tooth whitening is easy to do at home.

The truth is your teeth are as individual as you are, and some DIY whitening products can have very little impact or worse, may actually do more harm than good.

Here’s an insight into why tooth whitening is a job for the professionals.

A wholistic approach

Before you look to whitening your teeth, it’s critical to understand the reason behind any discolouration. Some people’s teeth become discoloured due to dietary habits like coffee consumption, for others it’s down to age or perhaps even medication.

For further still it could be due to damage the teeth have previously incurred – such as enamel loss.

That’s why it’s important the condition of your teeth is assessed before you consider whitening.
Healthy teeth are about so much more than their colour, and it’s imperative to get to the root cause of the issue before seeking a cosmetic fix.

More importantly no amount of whitening is going to fix underlying oral health issues, so your dentist will ensure your teeth are healthy to maximise the result of any whitening.

Preventing damage

One of the key things a dentist will consider when examining your teeth prior to teeth whitening is whether the procedure is likely to damage your teeth, cause sensitivity or simply be inappropriate for you as an individual.

Reasons a dentist may recommend against teeth whitening include delicate tooth enamel, gum disease, teeth sensitivity, dentures or implants, and pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Professional whiteners are stronger

Although they carry all sorts of claims about how much whiter and brighter your teeth will be, over-the-counter teeth whitening simply isn’t as affective as what can be achieved by a dentist.

That’s because the whitener used isn’t as strong and the application method isn’t as professional. Only a dentist is permitted to deliver high concentration gels that can make a difference. At Grand Dental, Phillips Zoom whitening is used to remove years of staining and discolouration in a single–hour visit.


A natural look

In addition to checking the condition of teeth and using state-of-the art products and technology to whiten teeth, a dentist will work with you to achieve a natural-looking result that is designed to last longer.

At Grand Dental we know every patient is individual and so are their teeth, which is why one size never fits all when it comes to teeth whitening.

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